A Superlean Inter-Thread Queue

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There are times when a design calls for an ability to pass information from one thread to another within an application. The Actor design pattern hinges upon such a capability as do other bespoke architectures in which dedicated threads play a central role. In an asynchronous design information passes between threads by queuing requests to a thread pool, the operating system internally schedules the processing of queued work by selecting some arbitrary thread within the thread pool and causing that thread to invoke a callback that you supply directly or indirectly like when using async/await.

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Never say “never”

The increasing sophistication of modern processors, operating systems, programming languages and design patterns when combined with our unceasing determination to tackle increasingly ambitious problems has led to a greatly increased scope for dissatisfactory performance. Developers must be more vigilante than ever before if they want to satisfy their customer’s expectations with respect to speed, latency and costs.

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